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Branch Training – MBSR to Mindfulness for Life

1 day a week for 5 weeks

with Alison Yiangou
Location Online
Date 10/01/2023 - 07/02/2023
Time 09:00 - 17:00 GMT



This 5-day workshop is for trained teachers of MBSR who would like to learn to teach the Mindfulness for Life (MBCT-L) curriculum and who have a regular personal mindfulness practice (see Section C of the Good Practice Guidelines).

Mindfulness for Life is a development of MBCT for the general population. It includes 8 weekly sessions, home practice, and an all-day session and teaches skills both for working with painful and difficult experience and for increasing wellbeing and flourishing.

This teacher training includes theoretical and empirical foundations for Mindfulness for Life, the structure and sequence of the curriculum, and learning to teach key practices and exercises, including cognitive-behavioural exercises, appreciation and befriending practices, and a sitting with difficulty practice. We also include discussion of how breathing spaces are used and how inquiry is conducted in Mindfulness for Life.

We assume that all participants are experienced teachers of the practices that are part of both Mindfulness for Life and MBSR (raisin practice, body scan, sitting practices, mindful movement) and do not provide training in these. Training in the basic 3-step breathing space is included for those without previous training in this practice and is optional for those who already include breathing spaces in their teaching. Full curriculum materials and handouts for teaching Mindfulness for Life will be provided.

Applicants must be willing to commit to continuing professional development and adherence to our Ethical Guidelines for MBCT Teachers.

Where we have, or expect to have, more applications than spaces, applications will be prioritised from those who have access to a population and setting where they are actively involved and will be able to introduce MBCT. Specifically we will prioritise applications where there is the potential to engage with marginalised or underrepresented communities and where we might be able to support the implementation of MBCT into non-English speaking communities through training bi-lingual teachers.

Please note that the OMF Mindfulness programmes are intended for adults over 18 years of age and are not suitable for younger populations.

The OMF provides Confirmation of Attendance letters to all participants who attend our training events.

SPECIAL NOTE: Bangor students are eligible for the 5-day MBSR to MBCTL training if:

    • they have completed the module “Teaching 1” of the Masters programme
    • they meet all the other eligibility criteria

What will I do on this course?

With a group of up to 24 peers you will attend 5-days of 'Branch' training. Training days will be both teaching and practical with opportunities to learn how to lead Mindfulness for Life practices and receive feedback

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the 5-days, trainees are expected to be able to:
    • Understand the MBCT-L curriculum, including its intentions and the rationales for its content and structure
    • Introduce elements of the curriculum in an embodied way
    • Conduct inquiry and understand group processes within the context of Mindfulness for Life
    • Understand theoretical, empirical, and ethical foundations of Mindfulness for Life

    About the Teacher

    Alison Yiangou

    I am the Development Director – Training and Curricula for the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation (OMF). I am also a member of the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) Curriculum Development Group. I have an academic background in Psychology (MA Oxon). Most of my working life was spent in a business context, where I specialised in human potential and flourishing. Alongside work life, I have been practising meditation since the 1970s, and attended many long retreats both as a retreatant and retreat supervisor. Read more here

    Branch Training – MBSR to Mindfulness for Life

    Standard Rate

    Applications closing: 09/01/2023
  • English
  • Español