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First, do no harm. An Introduction to Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

2-hour Workshop

with David Treleaven, and Pilar Puig
Location Online
Date 25/05/2022
Time 10:00 - 12:00 BST


Unbeknownst to many, mindfulness practice can exacerbate trauma symptoms. By asking someone to pay close, sustained attention to their inner world, people struggling with trauma can experience flashbacks, dissociation, and even retraumatization.

This means that as practitioners, we can unintentionally lead people into the heart of wounds that require more than mindful attention to heal.

At the same time, mindfulness can be invaluable for trauma survivors. It can increase body awareness, one’s capacity for attention, and emotional regulation—all essential assets for trauma recovery.

So what can you do?

The first answer is awareness. The more you understand the reasons mindfulness is a double-edged sword for trauma survivors, the more effective you’ll be in your role.

For this reason, OMC has partnered with David Treleaven, author of the book Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, to empower you and your students during this challenging time.

David is one of the foremost teachers in the world right now on this topic. His work has been incorporated into multiple organizations and teacher training programs, and we’ve found that his message speaks directly to the concerns of the OMC community. Given how often we’ll be encountering trauma given the global pandemic, we felt this was a timely resource to share.

Whether you’re a beginning or veteran practitioner, anyone engaged in offering contemplative practices will benefit from this workshop, including therapists, coaches, and meditation, classroom, yoga, or religious teachers.

“An essential ‘upgrade’ for anyone who thinks of her or himself as a mindfulness teacher, or is in training to become one.”

— JON KABAT-ZINN, Founder, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction


The OMC provides Confirmation of Attendance letters to all participants who attend our events.

What will I do on this course?

You will be introduced to the theory and practice of trauma-sensitive mindfulness

    Learning Outcomes

    Through lecture, case study, and experiential practice, you’ll leave the workshop:
    • Aware of the ways trauma can manifest in meditation practice
    • Confident in identifying non-verbal signs of traumatic stress in mindfulness practice
    • Equipped with a series of practical modifications to help traumatized people safely access meditation

    About the Teachers

    David Treleaven

    David Treleaven, Ph.D., is a writer, educator, trauma professional, and author of the acclaimed book Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing. David focuses on offering mindfulness providers the knowledge and tools they require to meet the needs of those struggling with trauma. Through workshops, keynotes, podcasts, and online education, he is closely engaged with current empirical research to inform best practices. David is currently a visiting scholar at Brown University and has worked with a number of organizations including The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute developed at Google, University of Massachusetts Medical School, The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, the Institute for Mindfulness South Africa, the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness, and the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australia and New Zealand.

    Pilar Puig

    I am a mindfulness teacher based in Barcelona, Spain. I graduated from the Masters in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at the University of Oxford in 2020. Read more

    First, do no harm. An Introduction to Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

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    Applications closing: 23/05/2022
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