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Information Session

1 hour session

with Marie Johansson
Location Online
Date 24/11/2021
Time 1:00pm - 2:00pm GMT


The online session will introduce mindfulness, the hour long session will include a brief tasters of mindfulness exercises, provide information about what mindfulness is (and isn’t) and detail the various introductory courses available via the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. A question and answer section will be included however the number of people joining each session will impact on how much interaction and space there is for individual questions.


What will I do on this course?

In this session you will join a group of people from all over the world who are interested in hearing more about the courses on offer via the OMC. You will be introduced to some basic mindfulness practices, have the opportunity to ask questions and decide if a mindfulness course with the OMC is right for you

    Learning Outcomes

    No Learning Outcomes Provided
    • experience brief tasters of mindfulness exercises
    • learn what mindfulness is (and isn't)
    • introduction to the various courses available via the Oxford Mindfulness Centre

    About the Teacher

    Marie Johansson

    My background is primarily in Adult Mental Health, within NHS, Health & Social Care and the Voluntary sectors. As an experienced Mental Health Practitioner, Therapeutic Group worker, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Teacher and Trainer, I have a particular interest in working with people experiencing depression, anxiety and a range of mental health issues and I am a keen advocate for de-stigmatising mental ill health. Up until July 2020 I was the MBCT Course Lead at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, I managed the delivery of the MBCT courses to the general population, as well as teaching the courses myself.  I have now retired from that operational position but remain involved with the team, training new MBCT teachers on the OMC ‘Teacher Training Pathway’, locally, nationally and internationally. I supervise Masters students, Trainee Teachers and experienced teachers, mostly within psychological treatment services, both in the UK and abroad.

    Information Session

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