Policies, Procedures and Guiding Principles

Policies and procedures help us to communicate the values of our organisation and provide written boundaries within which we operate. They also articulate and provide clarity for the relationships we have with those who engage with the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation. 

Guiding Principles and standards help shape and communicate the way we work

Agreed policies and procedures provide a framework in which decisions can be made. They help us to standardise engagement, teaching and training and monitor and improve our services.

The policies and procedures below help our external colleagues, course participants and trainee teachers understand the relationship and contractual obligations when engaging with the OMF.


OMF General Terms and Conditions

V13 | Last Updated: September 2023


OMF Teacher Training Agreement

V9 | Last Updated: July 2022


OMF Fitness to Practice Policy and Procedure

V9 | Last Updated: July 2022


OMF Complaints Policy and Procedure

V8 | Last Updated: July 2022


OMF Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

V8 | Last Updated: July 2022


OMF External Social Media Policy

V4 | Last Updated: July 2022


OMC Guiding Ethical Principles

V19 | Last Updated: Feb 2023


OMF Data Protection Policy

V5 | Last Updated: July 2022

Application Processes Teacher Training

To apply for our teacher training programmes we ask that you complete a detailed application process:

1 – Complete a Word application form (links can be found to word application forms on individual online application forms)

 We are unable to accept Word application forms unless they are uploaded as part of your online submission.

2 – Submit your online application and attach your completed Word application form.

3 – Record and send (via email) a 3 minute video introducing yourself and advising what role you think your training and mindfulness teaching will have in the world.

Further guidance can be found on individual online application forms.


Cancellation Policy

Details of our cancellation processes can be found in our General Terms and Conditions Policy (P1), the are also listed below:

If you have not commenced the course / training, you have a statutory right to cancel and receive a full refund, within 14 days (cooling off period) of submitting your application.

If you commence your course / training during the 14-day cooling off period, your right to cancel with a full refund is withdrawn and you will be liable to pay the full fee.

In addition to your statutory rights, you may cancel your place up to 4 weeks before the course / training start date. The following administrative charges will apply in these circumstances:

• 10% of the overall course fee with a minimum administrative fee of £30 administration fee for UK transactions.

All cancellation requests must be emailed to the OMF at admin@oxfordmindfulness.org with ‘cancellation request’ in the subject line. These referenced emails will be acknowledged by the OMF within 24 hours of receipt (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm UK time). Until an acknowledgement is received by the OMF, the cancellation request will not be valid or effective.

If a refund is approved by the OMF, it will be made through the original mode of payment only, unless a card has expired and new card details are obtained.

In addition to the above policies and processes we have a range of general terms and conditions:

Teachers & Trainers

The OMF reserves the right to substitute named teachers and trainers on any of our events. While we attempt to deliver based on published information, named teachers and trainers are for guidance only and not necessarily guaranteed. Refunds will not be offered based on a teacher / trainer substitution.


We strongly recommend applicants make payment using the registration page or via any web enabled link we have sent. Invoices may only be raised where an employer is paying, however this method can be slow. No place is secure on a course / training until applications have been assessed and full payment has been received (unless otherwise agreed by the OMF team in writing). Once an invoice has been raised places are dependent on prompt payment within the stated payment terms. Places may be released if these terms are not met. Responsibility for payment remains with the participant, if an employer or sponsor does not pay the invoice the participant will be liable to make payment or meet the cancellation charges.

Data Protection

Details of our data protection policy and processes can be found in our Data Protection Policy (P8)

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